Monday, January 30, 2012

Voile & Flannel Figure-8 Scarves

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Do you love Anna Maria Horner's flannels and voiles as much as I do? I have wanted to make a project with them for a while now, and after scoring a small stack from Pink Chalk Fabrics a few weeks back, I knew just what I wanted to make with them. I decided to whip up some Figure-8 Scarves using the tutorial that Anna Maria posted on her blog here

While her sewing instructions were perfect and very easy to follow, the way she made her scarf called for two pieces of fabric, each 18"x 72". Since making it this way would require a 2 yard investment each for the lining and exterior fabric to essentially make one scarf (granted with enough left-over to make another just like it), I decided to make a scarf with less fullness using the reduced fabric requirements that the ladies at Fancy Tiger employed to make their Liberty of London and AMH  voile  scarves (too much goodness to even comprehend!). This would allow for the scarf to be made from two quarter yards of 54" fabric (or two half yards of 44" fabric).

Figure 8 Scarves

I ended up making two scarves, one for myself (the blue and orange one) and one as a gift for my awesome, soon-to-be sister-in-law (the pink one). 

Figure 8 Scarf

While I used the Fancy Tiger cutting recommendations, I did follow Anna Maria's sewing instructions to the "T",  and slip-stitched the seams closed like she suggests, rather than machine stitching them. (You can barely see the hand-stitched seam in the photo above. See the single scallop line on the pink voile lining? It's just to the right of that.) For me, the hand sewing was worth it since the closure ended up being so unobtrusive. I also think that machine stitching the end closed might result in a scarf that wouldn't lay as well since there would be one "pinched" spot in the loop where both layers would be sewed together, rather than "flowing" separately. 

Figure 8 Scarf

Since the voile was 54" in width, I ended up only needing a quarter yard of it per scarf for the lining.  The flannel, however, was a different story. Since it comes in a more standard 44" width, I need closer to a half-yard of flannel per scarf and needed to piece it in order to make it the right length. On my sister-in-law's scarf, I used the same print for both pieces of flannel and was careful to match the design to make it look seamless. On mine, I decided to be less precise and to try something a little more crazy unique by splicing together two different flannel prints. 

Figure-8 Scarf

Here is a picture of me modeling my scarf (and feeling pretty cozy and colorful!). You can see how the two different prints actually work pretty well together when looped around the neck and end up having  a more cohesive look than you would imagine, especially after just seeing the scarf laid out. The dual flannel prints have actually become one of my favorite aspect of this project!

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  1. Gorgeous scarf Jenelle (amazing fabrics) and I love the selfie! What amazing blues eyes you have.

  2. Beautiful scarves! I also love your bangs. :)

  3. Ooh, those both look fab, love them!

  4. ooh, i really like your blue and orange one!

  5. I love that you added a bit of the pink sort of stripe. It makes a cool scarf even more interesting! And you should always wear blue because it makes your eyes look like you could shoot lasers out of them!

  6. oh...beautiful scarf...with a great model wearing it..make it even more pretty :)
    Thanks for the link for the alternative cutting directions. I have been wanting to try to make this the fabrics and all.

  7. Hey Jenelle! I know this post goes back a ways, but someone is leading a little class to make scarves like these at our church on Monday night, and I have a few questions! I have no idea what pattern she's using exactly, but I know that the materials list she's sent out only has you buying one type of fabric and I'd like to do 2 like you did. So, you said that you can use two half yard you cut each of them in half and piece them together to make two longer pieces? What were the measurements of each piece that you started with? Also, in the other post that you linked to, with the liberty scarves, they did a twist in the scarf before joining the two ends...did you do that? It doesn't look like it but I'm not sure. I kind of like that little variation.

    Thanks for your help!!


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