Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finished: Goose in the Pond Mini Quilt

Goose in the Pond Wall Hanging 

A bit back, I shared with you guys some pics of a stack of reproduction fabrics I had picked up in Portland. I ended up making a wall hanging/ mini quilt with them for my mother-in-law using the traditional Goose in the Pond quilt block. My in-laws just built a new home out on the prairie in Wyoming (where my husband and I grew up) and it's lovely with kind of a cabin-like feel to it. I wanted to make them something that would go with their country home while referencing the amazing history of quilting that went along with homesteading in the west (my father-in-law is also a bit of a history buff). I chose to make a larger block (15" square) that would also have some interesting piecing to make it fun to sew and look at.

Goose in the Pond Wall Hanging

It was suppose to be finished in time to be sent off for Christmas, but as things go when moving, I wasn't able to get the quilting done before packing up the sewing machine. I did finish it the week after Christmas and managed to get it in the mail last week after stalling a bit on locating a mailing tube. I'm feeling a little less behind now, especially since it is sent and I can mentally check it off my list (just have one more belated gift to make!). I am hoping that they like it and that it looks beautiful in their home!

Goose in the Pond Wall Hanging

I straight line quilted this mini using a golden-yellow thread that offers a bit of contrast on the cream fabric. I also made the back with sewn-in tabs, the kind you can feed a dowel through, for hanging on the wall. The nice thing about sewing them in this way (rather than making a tab the would extend above the quilt top) it that they are pretty unobtrusive and allow the quilt to also be used horizontally, like on a table. This is my first time making a hanger for a quilt, so this may not be monumental news to many of you, but I was pretty excited! ;) Do you guys ever hang quilts or typically sew-in your hangers like this?

Quilt Stats

Name:                    Goose in the Pond Mini Quilt
Finished size:         20"x 20"
Designed by:          Traditional block (around 1830-1840)
Quilted by:              By me, using straight line row, column, and diagonal quilting


  1. Great little quilt, Jenelle! Very cool that you tied in a bit of that area's history to it as well. I really like the print on the back, too. I'm sure it will look fabulous in their new house! I've only ever sewn hangers into one quilt that I intended to hang, but I did mine a little differently. I just made two squares of fabric, folding them in half to make two right triangles, then sewed them into the corners and covered with the binding. Does that make sense at all? I just slipped a dowel rod into the little pockets that the triangles made and hung it on the wall.

  2. I love this! I have sewn tabs into some minis with the intention of hanging them, but so far they are only table toppers. I have heard of Toni's way of doing it and want to try it on my next mini.


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