Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cross Stitch Wonderland

I finished my latest cross stitch project about a month ago, but realized that I hadn't posted about it yet. This pattern, by Satsuma Street on Etsy, was a favorite when I shared sneak peeks of it here on the blog and I have to say I'm pretty smitten with it too. 

Forest Cross Stitch 

Jody's aesthetic is so bright and fun, and feels like it's touching on some of the best aspects of midcentury design. She's posted in the past about being a fan of Mary Blair, who was a key artist at Disney during the Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan era of the company. Have you ever been to "It's a Small World" at Disneyland? Mary was a big part of the concept art and character design of the ride. In this cross stitch pattern, and in Jody's other work, I can really see the appreciation of Mary's art style coming through.

Forest Cross Stitch

My plans for using this project include sewing it into a quilt or wall hanging, or maybe even just framing it. I have another of Jody's patterns to stitch up that would really compliment this design, so maybe I'll start on that one next and see if any ideas percolate. 

Forest Cross Stitch 

This project was also one of my finish-along goals. I did pretty well in this first quarter of the year, finishing 4 out of the 5 goals I made for myself. My knit socks will have to head on over to the next quarter goals, but I'm happy with 80%. :) 

April is already shaping up to be one of my busiest months so far this year, so I may be a little quieter than usual. I'll be sharing my second quarter goals soon, and my plan is to have a few smaller projects to work on during the busier times, plus maybe one larger project to consistently add to. I already have a larger quilt in the works (double gauze and chambray!) that should fit the ticket nicely, so I'll get some photos together to share my progress with you soon.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Crimson & Clover Train Case / Selfish Sewing Week

I've been blown away by the range of amazing projects that have been shared during this spring edition of Selfish Sewing Week. I'm bringing up the last of the posts over at Imagine Gnats, but I really recommend making sure you check out all of contributors from the past 7 days for lots of great indie pattern inspiration. 

After seeing so many beautiful handmade garments this week, I'm feeling more and more like I should really be getting into the clothing sewing game. In the meantime though, I'm finding ways to branch out a bit more with my sewing repertoire and try out some new techniques that I've been wanting to work with in bag making. I decided that for my Selfish Sewing Week project I wanted to make a more structured bag, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to sew up the Crimson & Clover Train Case pattern by Sara of Sew Sweetness.

Making this bag was a great way for me to learn some new sewing techniques, but to do so in a way that wasn't frustrating or overwhelming. Sara's instructions were easy to follow and intuitive in a way that gave me the tools I needed to work through some more challenging construction techniques, like sewing piping, without too much angst. In fact I feel like I'm excited to use this technique again in future projects, especially now that I've had some success and worked my initial kinks out. That's always a great sign!

This project was also my March, A Lovely Year of Finishes goal 
and one of my 1st Quarter FAL goals.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

March Sewing Plans

February went by so quickly. It's hard to believe we're already into the third month of 2015 and coming around to the end of the first quarter. For my March ALYoF's goal I know I will be finishing this soon, because it's posting next week. :) Sometime I really love having built in deadlines like that. 

Selfish Sewing Week Project

This is my Selfish Sewing Week contributor project for Imagine Gnat, and so the final reveal will be a secret until next week. I'm sewing a type of bag that I never thought I would be able to tackle on a home sewing machine, but thanks to a fantastic pattern, it's gone together really beautifully. I can't wait to share my finished bag and reveal the details behind the pattern and the designer. A big hint is that many of you already know and love her great bag patterns and fun fabric designs. :)

My post goes up next Saturday (March 14), but don't miss out on the other bloggers and contributors that will also be sewing a little something for themselves and sharing their finishes throughout the week. 


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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Drawstring Bag + Divider Zipper Pouch

My latest contributor post is up at the Imagine Gnats blog today. As I mentioned last month, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the very talented Jeni Baker of In Color Order. With her blessing, I was able to take her popular Lined Drawstring Bag and show how to add a fun modification to the pattern to make it even more customized.

I'm happy to say that I am now the proud owner of three new drawstring bags, each equipped with a handy divider zipper pouch. I'm using them constantly too. I'm have the smaller ones stocked up for sock knitting and the larger one for embroidery, currently. 

Even with the zipper pouch addition, these bags are still really quick makes. I found myself finding more and more fabrics pulls to make bags with as I was putting together my materials, so I ended up making three bags. I used several Cotton + Steel prints from Imagine Gnats along with some other bright prints and solids from my own stash. 

The lovely herringbone denim that I used for the lining on two of the bags is by Robert Kaufman, also from Imagine Gnats. By adding a little interfacing (Pellon SF 101) to the thinner chambray, I was able to give it the structure that it needed for this type of project. Interfacing really is magical.

To read the full tutorial, head over here, to the Imagine Gnats blog.

This project was also my February, A Lovely Year of Finishes goal 
and one of my 1st Quarter FAL goals

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